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On our website, you would know more about the PAD file you can find on your computer, or the PAD file that was sent to you via email, and what is it for exactly. Here’s a short overview of what you would be able to see on our site.

What is PAD file?

This is more like a digital paper, these are configuration files that are describing particular brands of digital paper. .

How to open a PAD file?

In order to open a PAD file, you would need a software that suits it such as a Digital paper. Without it, you would be able to receive a message asking how you would want to open it. If it wouldn’t open, you can right click or long press then choose open with and pick an application.

Those are just some of the things you would be able to see on our platform. We have mentor partnerships so you can make sure you have the best available total solution and we also challenge our employees to set goals, solve problems, and accept responsibility. Contact us to if you want to be one of our partners or if you want to be part of our team.